We are proud to avail ourselves of the best Istanbul has to offer. So when it comes to interior design, concepts, materials, and services, we try to work with the city’s freshest talent. The result is some truly special spaces unique to Istanbul and designed to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Because our interior designers are local, we can ensure that the best materials are used and aesthetics are combined with practicality to create the perfect setting for your time in this cosmopolitan city. The spaces offered by 34apts.com retain a welcoming, cosy quality that will make you feel at home, while also capturing this world city’s very special quality.

Our local experts have carefully selected everything from the colour of the walls to the comfortable and stylish furniture and the modern appliances. Our partners know how to provide tasteful luxury without ostentatiousness, and because they are local to Istanbul, everything is sourced in the city. Experience the best of Istanbul at home.

Our partners: here are some of the best and brightest that Istanbul has to offer. Get acquainted-

Gökhan Zincir
Creative Director
Locally Istanbul
Travel Agency
Cemre Krahn
Illustrator & Industrial Product Designer
Mars Architects
Architecture I Interior design
Akasya Pera Mimarlık
Architects/Interior Designers
Fatoş Güreli Ayaz
Interior Design
Kaan Ahizer
Web Designer
Alpay Erdem
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